PIMSE is entrusted with the responsibility of developing the new generation of technical manpower that can spearhead industrial development. The development of students is placement oriented. The placement cell provides information about part-time and full-time employment. It also provides various training programs and workshops on topics job-search skills, interviewing techniques, and development of a professional attitude and image.

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Placements Orientation

The placement cell assists the process of career exploration and decision-making, helping the students to identify employment opportunities and find placements appropriate to their background, training, theoretical orientation, goals and interests.

As a placement exercise, the students are exclusively imparted with Communication and Personality Development training. This training grooms the students to face the tough competitions confidently and make their own mark successful.

Our students are placed in software industry, institutions, service sectors, banks and other related concerns.

The Institute encourages various counseling programs. These programs are undertaken by the institute to guide the students and impart knowledge about the workings of various industries. The Institute holds training programs for the executives of industries and also provides consultancy in different areas to industries.

Procedure for Placement

During each academic year placement department undertakes the following activities with the help of students (Placement Committee) and faculties of the Management Courses.

  1. Formation of students’ placement committee.
  2. Allocation of Guides for fresher students to finalize the Summer Training Project well in advance
  3. Allocation of counselors for both MBA (IT) I/II and MBA (HRD) I/II student
  4. Sending thanking letters to the various organizations for their cooperation extend during the Summer Training of students.
  5. Forwarding the Summer Training introductory letter (Pre-Placement letter) to the various organizations within and outside Maharashtra.
  6. Conducting students (Placement Committee) and faculty meeting to discuss the progress of the Placement activities.
  7. Organized Local Industrial tours for MBA (IT) and MBA (HRD) student
  8. Preparation of Placement Brochure and dispatching the same to the different organizations for permanent placement.
  9. Personal visit of Pune based industries to invite them for Campus Interview.
  10. Maintained cordial and healthy relations with the Industry people.
  11. Organized Institute and Industry Interaction with a view to exchange their ideas.