Orientation Program 2016-17

Anjuman Khairul Islam’s Poona Institute of Management Sciences and Entrepreneurship had organized a three day orientation program for its first year students of MBA, MBA-HRD, MBA-IT from 22 August, 2016 to 24 August, 2016.

The orientation program was designed to support new students as they begin their journey at PIMSE. During the course of the program, the students were gradually introduced to life at the College, from academics and college norms to resources and staff. Various activities were organized for three days beginning from the welcome address from the director, Dr. Shakeel Ahmed. In his welcome address Dr. Shakeel Ahmed congratulated the students on admission to the respective courses and advised the students to make the most of the two years at PIMSE. Dr. Anwar Shaikh, Vice Principal, Poona College, was also present at the program. In his address to the students, he shed light on how the MBA students should lead their life and equip themselves with knowledge to take on the corporate world.

Mrs. Payal Samdariya briefed the students about the evaluation pattern of MBA, dress code to be followed and advised the students not to indulge in raging activities at PIMSE. Mr. Akhtar Ali Sayyed in his session shared the success mantras for a flourishing career and he also presented the journey of PIMSE using a video. This was followed by the Ice- Breaking session by Mrs. Porinita Banerjee and Mr. Vasimraja Sayed. In the ice breaking session various activities were conducted to make the students familiar with each other.

On the second day video screening was organized by Mrs. Tahemina Pathan, Mrs. Misba Kadri and Mr. Lionel D’mello. Mr. Lionel D’mello also took a session on Etiquettes. A treasure Hunt was organized by Mrs. Zarina Shaikh and Mrs. Anjum Sayed.

An outbound team building session was organized at Shivarkar Garden by Dr. Riyasat Peerzade, Mrs. Sheena Abraham, Mrs. Payal Samdariya, Mrs. Anjum Sayyed and Mr. Talha Ahmed. The objectives of the orientation program were to sensitize the students to work on their communication skills, develop a network plan with industrial contacts and alumni, work on UPA (Understand, Plan and Action) approach to solve a problem and hone and develop interpersonal skills. The program was organised under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Shakeel Ahmed.