Enterprise Analysis- Desk Research

Activity 1: Collage a Business (25 August 2016)

Collage a Business is an activity, where students were asked to design a business idea on a chart paper with the help of waste newspapers. Students were divided in 5 groups and allotted one hour to prepare the collage.

The business ideas developed by students were

  1. Women in Real estate
  2. Online Maids
  3. One stop solution for all household problems
  4. International SIM with Local call Rates &
  5. E-shops

Students were asked to present their business ideas, which were evaluated by Dr. Riyasat Peerzade & Mr. Akhtar Ali Sayyed, the subject faculty.

Following are few of the photographs for the same.

Activity 2: Mystery Shopping for Business Loan (1 September 2016)

It is a habit generated in the students that whenever they prepare a business plan, they consider a very huge budget, which is actually impossible for them either to gather the amount or seek for a loan. To make the understand the reality, Dr. Riyasat Peerzade & Mr. Akhtar Ali Sayyed have asked the students to visit the bank and gather all the relevant information related to loan procedure for starting up a business from various banks.

Students were divided in 6 groups and asked to visit different banks to gather the information. But the activity had a twist. They were asked to visit the banks as Mystery shoppers, where they had to pretend as individuals who are planning to start a business. It may help them to get the inside of the difficulties faced by the people who are seeking for the business loans.

Students groups have visited banks like

  • State Bank of India, Camp Branch
  • Bank of Maharashtra, Sachapeer Street
  • Punjab National Bank, M.G. Road Branch
  • Canara Bank, Camp Branch
  • Axis Bank, Camp Branch
  • Andhra Bank, Camp Branch

Students are further asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the same and present it on 8th of September 2016.