Master of Business Administration (MBA-IT)

The knowledge and skills required to plan, design and build complex application software systems are highly valued in all industry sectors including business, health, education and the services. The basic objective of the MBA-IT is to provide to the country a steady stream of competent young men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills and foundations for acquiring a wide range of rewarding careers into the rapidly expanding world of Information Technology. In today’s Global Economic scenario highly skilled versatile professionals with all round approach for problem solving is need of the hour. MBA-IT program of Pune University wishes to create such professionals.

The first two semesters of the programme is a mix of computer-related and general business courses. The computer-related courses use computers to introduce standard techniques of programming; the use of software packages systems analysis and design. The general business courses include the functional areas of management like the study of marketing management, financial management, operations management and general management. The course would emphasize the study and creation of business applications, rather than mere programming. Considering the current environment, fundamental concepts related to web-based applications are introduced. Inclusion of Mobile Technologies, Web technologies gives new platforms to students to work on.

In semesters III and IV, students are exposed to system development in the information processing environment, with special emphasis on Management Information Systems and Computer Resource Management. Specializations are included in IIIrd Semester which includes network Technology, Software Testing or Software Development. Inclusion of specialization papers will improve thorough knowledge of students in that subject. It will also focus on particular technology in which student is more interested.

Soft skills techniques are covered in every semester, which will lead to overall personality development of the student and that will help them in their placement activities and to sustain in the organization successfully. Colleges are encouraged to teach minimum one foreign language in addition to English to enhance employability of students.

The Job Opportunities are:

  • Many graduates begin their careers as junior programmers and, after some experience, are promoted to senior programmers, systems analysts, programmer/analysts, software testers posts. Others seek entrepreneurial roles in the computer world as independent business owners, software authors, consultants, or suppliers of systems and equipment. Career opportunities exist in such areas as management, software and hardware sales, technical writing, training others on computers, consulting, software development and technical support.
  • Application areas include transaction processing (such as order processing, airline, railway reservations, banking systems), accounting functions, sales analysis, games, forecasting, simulation, database management, decision support data communications, and e-commerce.


The MBA-IT program will be full-time two years Masters Degree in Computer Management. (Each Year consists of 2 Semesters).


Graduates possessing any faculty of any statutory University shall be eligible for admission to the MBA-IT course.

Structure of Course

Semester I
Subject Code Subject Name Internal External Credit Points
101 Fundamentals of Information Technology 50 50 4
102 C Programming & Data Structure 50 50 4
103 Software Engineering with UML 50 50 4
104 DBMS 50 50 4
105 Soft Skills 25 25 2
106 Practical (C & Case tools) 50 50 4
107 Soft Skills Practical-Word Power ,Business English 25 25 2
TOTAL 300 300 24


Semester II
Subject Code Subject Name Internal External Credit Points
201 BA & ERP Tools 50 50 4
202 PPM & OB 50 50 4
203 Advanced RDBMS using Oracle 50 50 4
204 JAVA Programming 50 50 4
205 Technical Help Desk 25 25 2
206 Practical (Java & Oracle ) 50 50 4
207 Soft Skills Practical – Group discussion & Interview Techniques 25 25 2
TOTAL 300 300 24


Semester III
Subject Code Subject Name Internal External Credit Points
301 Information Security & Audit 50 50 4
302 Optional 1 50 50 4
303 Optional 2 50 50 4
304 Optional 3 50 50 4
305 Web Designing & Content MGMT 25 25 2
306 Specialization Practical & Mini Project 50 50 4
307 Soft Skills Practical – Technical Writing 25 25 2
Networking (302NT- 304)
302NT Basics of Networking
303NT Server & Desktop Technologies
304NT System Administration & Server Integration
ST Software Testing (302ST, 303ST, 304ST)
302ST Software Quality Assurance
303ST Software Testing Processes & Documentation
304ST Software Test Planning and Documentation
Software Development (302SD, 303SD, 304SD)
302SD Program and Design with ASP.NET
303SD Mobile Programming using Android
304SD Advanced JAVA
TOTAL 300 300 24


Semester IV
Subject Code Subject Name Internal External Credit Points
401 Current Trends in IT 50 50 4
402 Departmental Paper
(Additional Input )
25 25 2
403 Project 250 250 20
TOTAL 325 325 26